Pathways Selection Process

Selection Process


Showcase features a collection of fresh, exciting new material from both established, credited screenwriters as well as newly discovered emerging screenwriters. We are continuously adding new projects to Showcase. Sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to access this material.

Through a rigorous peer-review process, the Showcase selection panel identifies projects that exhibit:

  • excellence in craft and skill
  • the ability to engage the reader in the writer’s vision
  • the potential to be produced
  • originality and excellence of the idea.

Showcase also features the projects of established screenwriters from the Australian Writers’ Guild who meet a certain success criteria. These writers are invited to submit a project at any time for review by the Showcase selection panel. The selection panel also assesses winning and shortlisted projects from Australian Writers’ Guild screenwriting competitions for inclusion on Showcase.

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Prime is an invitation-only extension of the Pathways Program. The Prime selection panel identifies the most highly respected, credited and awarded writers and invites them to take part in the Prime initiative.

The Prime selection panel takes various criteria into consideration when selecting writers including:

  • writing credits – number and type
  • creator credits
  • producer credits
  • nominations and awards
  • showrunner potential and interest
  • original concept potential and interest
  • international distribution potential and interest
  • standing in the film and television industry
  • membership, support and commitment to the ethos of the Australian Writers’ Guild.

Prime writers enjoy a range of benefits including eligibility for Scripted Ink. funding.

Prime screenwriters are invited to submit their unproduced projects to be featured on the Showcase. These projects feature the Prime symbol in the top right hand corner of the logline display.

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