The Replacements

Jessica Paine


To cover up a calculated act of self-harm, one of the first clones to attend high school needs the help of a new student who’s been warned to avoid the clones at all costs.


The first generation of clones have arrived at high school, and no one wants to sit with them. It’s hard to figure out who you are as a teenager, but it’s downright complicated if you’re a copy of someone else. LARA (16), a seemingly ordinary girl, heads off to school …

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About Jessica Paine

Jessica Paine is a screenwriter, script editor and obsessive tea drinker. She has performed every conceivable role in a story room – working her way up from Trainee through to Associate Story Producer and Story Editor. Having spent 2017 working... View Jessica Paine's Bio

Jessica Paine, The Replacements
Jessica Paine

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