The Replacements

Jessica Paine

Drama • Sci-Fi • Young Adult

Set in the near future, Lara, a product of the government’s controversial ‘first generation’ clone program, secretly investigates the conspiracy behind her very existence.


Lara is living in the shadow of the ultimate ‘perfect’ older sibling – a dead one. She’s a clone of a beloved daughter lost under tragic circumstance. Those are some big shoes to fill. She’s not alone, every member of her social circle is what the law refers to as …

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About Jessica Paine

Jessica Paine is an experienced screenwriter and script editor. She currently has a project optioned with Stampede Ventures and Kojo and is part of the writing team working on a YA project for Jungle Entertainment. Jess trained on shows such... View Jessica Paine's Bio

Jessica Paine, The Replacements
Jessica Paine

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