Always & Everywhere

Chris Phillips

Feature film
Family • Magic Realism

A differently-abled young girl helps her teen brother defy death by escaping into an imaginary reality, but will her faith in magic heal her family or tear them apart forever?


Always & Everywhere is a magical family drama about Celeste; an extraordinary 9 year-old girl with Williams’ Syndrome, whose quirky expressiveness, enthusiasm and lack of social boundaries makes her an outcast. When her beloved teen brother Hal is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Celeste vows to help him achieve three …

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About Chris Phillips

Chris is an Australian writer/producer and script editor with over twenty years’ experience on a diverse slate of shows for network television. Chris writes character driven heart-centred stories with a wry magic-realist flavour. She script produced Fox8’s multi-platform Emmy nominated... View Chris Phillips's Bio

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