Philip Tarl Denson

Drama • Sci-Fi

Three astronauts return from the International Space Station only to discover that they had already returned 12 years earlier...


Kazakhstan. A Soyuz shuttle bursts through the atmosphere. Three astronauts aboard shake and bounce as the descent module is slowly surrounded by a glowing red cloud of superheated plasma. They crash land in the empty grasslands… and after emerging, they are detained by the Kazakh army. Eventually extricated back to Houston, …

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About Philip Tarl Denson

Philip Tarl Denson is a screenwriter and producer living in Darwin, Northern Territory. Philip has had several original screenplays optioned in the US and has a number of feature film and television projects in development including his 2016 INSITE finalist... View Philip Tarl Denson's Bio

Philip Tarl Denson, Anomaly
Philip Tarl Denson

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