Burning Bright

Renée Crea

Short film

In 1917 Grace gets a well-paid factory job painting luminescent clockfaces, but must choose between money or her wellbeing when she discovers the beautiful paint is toxic.


It’s 1917. Grace starts a new job at the clock factory where the glamorous “glow girls” work. They brush timepieces with luminescent paint made from radium – the latest discovery used in everything from medicine to make-up. Like pixie dust, the paint’s residue floats around them, clinging to their clothes …

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About Renée Crea

Renée Crea is a screenwriter, director and producer with a Master of Screenwriting from the Victorian College of the Arts. In 2021, her short screenplay Burning Bright was shortlisted for the Australian Writers' Guild Monte Miller Award. Renée has done... View Renée Crea's Bio

Renée Crea, Burning Bright
Renée Crea

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