Cosmic Lighthouse

Fabian Lapham, Stephanie Crowe

Animation • Children's • Sci-Fi

Cosmic Lighthouse is an animated preschool sci-fi series about an alien lighthouse keeper named Zom and her mischievous human friend Eartha.


Cosmic Lighthouse is a silly but soulful space romp about friendship and tolerance, infused with playful and comedic commentaries on human nature. Set in the eponymous Cosmic Lighthouse, the show is about a grandmotherly alien named Zom who looks after a puckish human astronaut named Eartha, as the two get into …

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About Fabian Lapham

Fabian Lapham is a writer, a director and a voice-over performer. He is the creator of the first Australian animated sketch show Suspect Moustache, a multiplatform series that was originally broadcast on SBS. Fabian completed his Masters of Screenwriting where... View Fabian Lapham's Bio

About Stephanie Crowe

Stephanie is a writer, a performer and a production designer. She completed her Master of Screenwriting at VCA in 2018 which began her collaboration with frequent co-creator Fabian Lapham. As a writer she has a particular interest in children's television... View Stephanie Crowe's Bio

Fabian Lapham, Cosmic Lighthouse
Fabian Lapham
Stephanie Crowe, Cosmic Lighthouse
Stephanie Crowe

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