Cul de Sac

Alex von Hofmann

Feature film

When Ray receives a package containing an ancient Mayan idol he unwittingly releases a curse that brings his neighbours’ nightmares to life.


A terrified ARCHAEOLOGIST tears through a dark jungle deep in central Mexico. Something’s chasing him. Something big. Cornered, he screams, cut to… RAY (mid 30’s) stuck in a boring office job, dreaming of adventure. He snaps during an altercation with a coworker and gets signed off for a month with …

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About Alex von Hofmann

In 2014 Alex was selected for a Director’s attachment, shadowing a TV director, David Petrarca, while he filmed two episodes of Netflix’s Marco Polo. He assisted the Makeup Effects Group (MEG) on an indie horror film called Needle. Recently Alex... View Alex von Hofmann's Bio

Alex von Hofmann, Cul de Sac
Alex von Hofmann

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