Dawg and the Stonefish

Boyd Quakawoot

Short film

A fisherman struggles to save himself and his sanity as he deals with pain and hallucinations on a secluded beach after he is stung by a Stonefish.


An unnamed Aboriginal fisherman goes on an early morning fishing expedition to the far end of a secluded beach. After initially catching a big one, and with time pressing, he decides to fish on. He catches another big one but it gets snagged in the rocks in the water. He …

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About Boyd Quakawoot

Boyd Quakawoot is an Indigenous writer from Mackay in North Queensland. In 2019-2020 he was a writer on season four of the ABC sketch show Black Comedy. He wrote on each of the six shows of the final season including... View Boyd Quakawoot's Bio

Boyd Quakawoot, Dawg and the Stonefish
Boyd Quakawoot

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