Jem Splitter

Animation • Sci-Fi

A depressed physicist accidentally hurled back in time tries to fix her dead-end future by mentoring her troubled 14-year-old self: a chaotic rebel with her own agenda


Stranded in the year 2000 by an experiment gone wrong, a depressed, dysfunctional physicist decides to fix her future by “mentoring” her own younger self. Big Sarah wants nothing more than to help her stubborn, angry, volatile younger self not make the same mistakes she did – but Little Sarah …

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About Jem Splitter

Jem is a Melbourne-based emerging screenwriter, skilled across the spectrum from comedy to kind-of-funny drama, with a particular die-hard passion for genre TV. Since pivoting to screen, Jem has co-created Hipster Jesus (optioned by Gaumont Television), and created the sci-fi... View Jem Splitter's Bio

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