Former People

Evlin DuBose


After the fall of the USSR, a jaded journalist investigates seventy years of tragedy and mysteries in one Soviet family, as told by the only survivor.


In 1917, a couple flee the bloody October Revolution. Wounded and pregnant, they assume new identities and hide in Ukraine, starting the Morachuk family. In 1993, their elderly son, Andriy Illych Morachuk, finds Rona Habbitt-Narishkova and pleads for her help. Rona is a journalist known for doing the impossible, but …

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About Evlin DuBose

Evlin DuBose is an emerging and versatile Queer writer, composer, and director on Gadigal land. Born in Australia yet raised abroad, Evlin studied filmmaking and creative writing at UTS, where she won a Dean’s Merit Award and directed multiple award-winning... View Evlin DuBose's Bio

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