Kelly Lefever


When an environmental “saviour” inadvertently rids the planet of petrochemicals, the world is plunged back into a pre Industrial Revolutionary state, and everything is changed


8 x 1 hour returnable series. In 2020 scientists released biotechnology designed to consume plastic waste and clear our oceans, rivers and landfill. Called “The Genesis Project”, it was heralded as the greatest scientific contribution towards solving the environmental crisis ever made. With a built in kill-switch, the tech-enhanced bacteria …

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About Kelly Lefever

One of Australia’s most accomplished television writers, Kelly Lefever has written, script produced, script edited, story-lined, and story edited more than six-hundred hours of TV for every free-to-air network in the country. She is also a highly sought after script... View Kelly Lefever's Bio

Kelly Lefever, Genesis
Kelly Lefever

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