Harold, Electra & Our Lord, David Attenborough

Kirsty Budding

Short film
Black Comedy • Sci-Fi

In a Recycling Home for retired robots, Harold falls for Electra. But his sex drive is broken, and he must win her heart before she’s recycled.


When rusty robot Harold meets Electra over a game of bingo, he’s smitten. But a deadly sex robot is chasing her too, and with a broken sex drive, Harold fears he can’t compete. He turns to the deity of the robots, Sir. David Attenborough. What was life on earth? And …

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About Kirsty Budding

Kirsty Budding writes genre-blending dark comedy screenplays – from sci-fi to romantic comedy and crime. Her screenplays have placed in several international competitions. Highlights include ‘Happy Ending Retirement Home’, which won the Grand Prize (Short) at Dallas International Film Festival... View Kirsty Budding's Bio

Kirsty Budding, Harold, Electra & Our Lord, David Attenborough
Kirsty Budding

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