Neer Shelter

Short film

Based on a true story, after a person of Arab descent boards an Israeli bus, a soldier must choose between risking the passengers’ lives and a potentially innocent man.


On a sweltering hot day in Israel, Ari (a soldier) meets Rachel, her girlfriend, at a bus stop on the way back home from her army base. Rachel, a social media queen, documents their trip with live video streams, status updates, and frequent Instagram posts. Partway through their trip on …

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About Neer Shelter

Neer Musa Shelter was a semi-finalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, a Final Draft’s Big Break top 5 finalist, an Austin Film Festival screenwriting finalist, a Page Award winner (and two-time finalist), a Monte Miller Award winner (finalist in two... View Neer Shelter's Bio

Neer Shelter, Perspectives
Neer Shelter

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