Paul Bissett

Feature film

When a time-travelling hula-hoop zaps 11yo Molly to 1986, she and her uptight sister from another timeline must stop the collapse of the universe.


My name is Molly Khong and I’m 11 years old. Every minute of my life is scheduled by my parents — and my phone won’t let me forget it. PING! Wake up — BLEEP! Sax practice — BIP! BIP! Interact with family — BUZZZZ! Scratch nose. My world feels totally …

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About Paul Bissett

Paul is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. His TV Pilot, Above the Angelic, won a Page International Screenwriting Award. His feature film screenplay, In Search of an Ending, was a finalist in the 2016 Nicholl Fellowship and will be produced... View Paul Bissett's Bio

Paul Bissett, Hoop
Paul Bissett

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