Lisa Hoppe

Feature film
Adventure • Children's • Family

Set after ‘The Great Famine’ when the quickest, bravest kids do the job of bees. A triumphant story of two young girls with a fierce friendship and minds of their own.


Based on an award-winning book, How to Bee, is a film about friendship, loyalty and courage. The world has undergone a “great famine”, but we are in a more hopeful time. Honeybees are all but extinct and the quickest, bravest children are recruited to pollinate the fruit. Peony, 11, is …

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About Lisa Hoppe

Lisa is an award-winning Australian screenwriter and producer of both film and television. Her feature, H is for Happiness, won the Jury's 'Special Mention Prize' at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival and received 10 nominations, including Best Film for the... View Lisa Hoppe's Bio

Lisa Hoppe, HOW TO BEE
Lisa Hoppe

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