John Kachoyan, Lou Sanz

Feature film
Drama • Sci-Fi • Thriller

After a devastating loss, a doctor isolates herself on a remote property. But when a global catastrophe strikes, she's forced to choose between her own grief or helping others


After a devastating loss, an emergency room Doctor isolates herself on a remote property, preparing for an imagined apocalypse. But when global catastrophe actually strikes and survivors start trickling in, she’s forced to choose between the solitude of grief or the mess (and even joy) of life amongst the living. …

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About John Kachoyan

JOHN KACHOYAN is a queer regionally-based Armenian-Australian writer and director who began his career in theatre. He was a Creator on Impact Australia 2 (mentored by Stuart Beattie) developing sci-fi feature GAIA, now attached to Hoodlum & Gentle Giant Media.... View John Kachoyan's Bio

About Lou Sanz

LOU SANZ is a multi-award-winning Spanish-Australian writer of things for stage and screen. Some you might’ve seen like LIFE SUPPORT (ABC), THE PM’S DAUGHTER (ABC), HOW TO STAY MARRIED (CHANNEL 10) and some you haven’t, yet. Lou’s debut feature AUDREY... View Lou Sanz's Bio

John Kachoyan, LAND’S END
John Kachoyan
Lou Sanz, LAND’S END
Lou Sanz

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