Legend Keeper

Simon Hopkinson

Comedy • Fantasy • Young Adult

A teenage Indian-American skateboarder and his Bollywood fan-girl cousin are all who stand between a vampire demon and the end of the world as we know it. What could go wrong?


Legend Keeper is an animated fantasy adventure series for kids 8-12, set in the jungles and mountains of remote north eastern India. In the beginning … Legends roamed the earth: Through India and Asia, mythical creatures like Yali the Horned Lion, Chelamma the Scorpion Goddess, the Yeti, the Monkey King …

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About Simon Hopkinson

Simon Hopkinson is regarded one of the most experienced writers and script producers in children’s television. He was a co-creator of the original Bananas in Pyjamas TV series, writing more than 100 episodes, 4 half-hour specials, 70 songs (with 2... View Simon Hopkinson's Bio

Simon Hopkinson, Legend Keeper
Simon Hopkinson

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