Legend Keeper

Kym Goldsworthy, Simon Hopkinson

Comedy • Fantasy • Young Adult

A teenage Indian-American skateboarder and his Bollywood fan-girl cousin are all who stand between a vampire demon and the end of the world as we know it. What could go wrong?


Legend Keeper is an animated fantasy adventure series for kids 8-12, set in the jungles and mountains of remote north eastern India. In the beginning … Legends roamed the earth: Through India and Asia, mythical creatures like Yali the Horned Lion, Chelamma the Scorpion Goddess, the Yeti, the Monkey King …

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About Kym Goldsworthy

Kym Goldsworthy is one of Australia’s most experienced and awarded TV writer producers. He is a 6-time Australian Writers Guild AWGIE winner, most recently in 2017 as a co-writer of the 4 part drama Deep Water (with Kris Wyld) which... View Kym Goldsworthy's Bio

About Simon Hopkinson

Simon Hopkinson is regarded one of the most experienced writers and script producers in children’s television. He was a co-creator of the original Bananas in Pyjamas TV series, writing more than 100 episodes, 4 half-hour specials, 70 songs (with 2... View Simon Hopkinson's Bio

Kym Goldsworthy, Legend Keeper
Kym Goldsworthy
Simon Hopkinson, Legend Keeper
Simon Hopkinson

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