Locked In

Alex von Hofmann

Feature film

When a young woman takes on a quiet job nursing an elderly catatonic woman, she becomes the target of a dark entity, and must fight to keep control of her body and mind.


Charlie, a young nurse who is paying her own way through med school and barely getting by, takes a well-paying job nursing an old woman with Locked In syndrome. The old woman is catatonic but supposedly aware under the surface, and Charlie develops a growing certainty that the woman is …

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About Alex von Hofmann

In 2014 Alex was selected for a Director’s attachment, shadowing a TV director, David Petrarca, while he filmed two episodes of Netflix’s Marco Polo. He assisted the Makeup Effects Group (MEG) on an indie horror film called Needle. Recently Alex... View Alex von Hofmann's Bio

Alex von Hofmann, Locked In
Alex von Hofmann

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