Philip Tarl Denson

Feature film

When an introverted dream programmer discovers he is trapped in a client’s dream, he must find a way out and save the woman he secretly loves.


Norman Pips is a socially isolated dream programmer, whose life solely consists of appeasing his landlord, pining for his boss, Claudia, and working for the Ligeia Group, a company specialising in personalised dream fabrication and implantation. During stolen moments at work, Norm secretly programs his own private dream involving Claudia …

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About Philip Tarl Denson

Philip Tarl Denson is a screenwriter and producer living in Darwin, Northern Territory. Philip has had several original screenplays optioned in the US and has a number of feature film and television projects in development including his 2016 INSITE finalist... View Philip Tarl Denson's Bio

Philip Tarl Denson, Lucid
Philip Tarl Denson

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