Mary, Mary

Adam Spellicy, Penelope Chai

Feature film

Years after a plague kills every woman on Earth, the world is repopulated with identical, submissive female clones. Now, one of them wants her independence…


In the walled city of Arcadia, the female population is comprised exclusively of identical Clones, created by biotech company NewGen and trained to be subservient wives to their aging husbands. One such Clone, Mary (29) works at a finishing school for younger Clones, tutoring them in the doctrine of Mother …

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About Adam Spellicy

Adam Spellicy is a screenwriter based in Melbourne. Born in Adelaide, South Australia, he spent his formative years in the New South Wales mining town of Broken Hill, where Wake In Fright was filmed (and which was every bit as frightening as... View Adam Spellicy's Bio

About Penelope Chai

Penelope Chai is an award-winning writer whose credits include Other People’s Problems (ABC, Series Mania), She was She (MIFF), Love & Fury (ABC) and a Film Victoria Writers Placement on the final season of Nowhere Boys (ABC). She has been... View Penelope Chai's Bio

Adam Spellicy, Mary, Mary
Adam Spellicy
Penelope Chai, Mary, Mary
Penelope Chai

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