Mayfield, by Gemma Crofts


Gemma Crofts

Feature film
Sci-Fi • Thriller

Finding herself alone during a mysterious apocalyptic event, a suicidal woman must draw on all her strength to survive the oncoming threat.


A noise. A high-pitched, pervasive, continuous noise, that seeps into the crevasses of your mind and stays there. She wakes up. She’s alone in a living room, she’s been asleep on the couch. The noise wakes her. She jumps up, curious to find the source. The power is off and …

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About Gemma Crofts

Gemma Crofts is a screenwriter for film and television. She recently finished writing on a new show for Werner Film Productions which she helped develop, and is in late stage development on her award-winning feature script Mayfield with director Greg... View Gemma Crofts's Bio

Gemma Crofts, Mayfield
Gemma Crofts

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