Mirror Man

Matt Wheeldon

Feature film

A narcissistic concert pianist is frustrated by a world that cannot see his genius. Edward Profile has an insatiable thirst for fame. What is less obvious is his talent.


Edward’s life is thrown into chaos when he is brutally rejected at an important piano audition. Anxious to rebuild his shattered ego, he privately consults the only person he truly respects: himself. However, when face-to-face with his own reflection, Edward is confronted by a shocking new truth about the world, …

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About Matt Wheeldon

Matt has written and directed drama, comedy, a US TV documentary series and numerous online ads. He has also produced over 100 live shows through ‘Popcorn Taxi’, a popular screen culture event he co-founded in Sydney and Melbourne. Matt has... View Matt Wheeldon's Bio

Matt Wheeldon, Mirror Man
Matt Wheeldon

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