Murder Away from Home

Anupam Sharma

True Crime

Thousands of newly married women relocate to Australia on a spousal visa full of dreams which soon turn into nightmares of domestic abuse and in many cases death.


MURDER AWAY FROM HOME will be an insightful and fearless peek into the depth of dowry and domestic abuse in Australia, sustained by comprehensive research. From gripping case studies of marriages gone awry to hard-hitting accounts of fear and silent suffering, this podcast series will bring together all aspects of …

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About Anupam Sharma

Anu is a film maker with a Bachelor’s and Master's in Films & Media from University of NSW and over 22 years of experience as a producer and director. Based out of Fox Studios, Anu has led his team on... View Anupam Sharma's Bio

Anupam Sharma, Murder Away from Home
Anupam Sharma

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