Matt Vesely


In a lazily dystopian world, humanity is ruled by an unseen alien elite, and a young couple’s romance is threatened when they rescue a robot shopkeeper from being scrapped.


Jen and Sid meet. They spend the night. They have an awkward morning after. It’s like the start of any romance – except Jen and Sid live in a sun-bleached dystopia where humans are ruled by an unseen alien elite. You know how it is. Jen and Sid’s burgeoning relationship …

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About Matt Vesely

Matt Vesely is an emerging South Australian writer/director. He has spent the last several years working with award winning creative collective Closer Productions. Often combining his love of science fiction with a sincere, comedic view of human relationships, Matt has directed... View Matt Vesely's Bio

Matt Vesely, Overheater
Matt Vesely

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