Bec Peniston-Bird


A Russian spy tries to find her missing husband days before returning to Moscow. When she discovers the truth, her position within the regime becomes dangerously compromised.


Canberra, 1954.   After her husband disappears behind enemy lines, brilliant and patriotic spy Evdokia Petrova is placed under house arrest at the Soviet Embassy. Thwarted in her attempts to uncover the truth and finding herself on the receiving end of Soviet paranoia, her most deeply held convictions start to waiver. With only …

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About Bec Peniston-Bird

Bec began her career making documentaries which explored the creative process. These included Nick Cave: Abusing the Muse (MIFF) and Keith Haring Uncovered (ABC TV). She subsequently directed a number of award winning short films, including Goodnight Sweetheart (Palm Springs International Film Festival), Fresh! (Series... View Bec Peniston-Bird's Bio

Bec Peniston-Bird, Petrova
Bec Peniston-Bird

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