Pleasant Avenue

Aimée-Lee Curran

Comedy • Drama • Dramedy

The residents of Pleasant Avenue live to protect their idyllic community, but each household is plagued by petty problems that escalate and threaten to unravel its values.


EP ONE SOFT PLASTICS – Someone has strewn Andy and Eliza’s soft plastics collection all over Pleasant Avenue, causing Andy to unravel. Carolyn is mortified when handsome neighbour Don discovers the culprit is her grandson, Cody. EP TWO BROWN STREET – PART ONE – Greg and Sabrina’s council development application …

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About Aimée-Lee Curran

Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien is a Chinese-Irish-Australian Writer and Director. She approaches drama like it’s a comedy, and comedy like it’s a drama, creating an off-beat hybrid that is exuberant, playful, irreverent, and full of heart. Aimée-Lee is an actor’s director... View Aimée-Lee Curran's Bio

Aimée-Lee Curran, Pleasant Avenue
Aimée-Lee Curran

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