Post Mortem

Millie Holten

Animation • Comedy

When Janet, a fiercely dedicated postie, receives a terminal diagnosis — she embarks on an epic and dangerous quest to deliver one last parcel where no postie has gone before.


Janet Lee (70s) is a fiercely dedicated postie in rural Victoria. Nothing fulfils her more than cruising on her motorbike (which she’s named Nicole), smoking a dart, and delivering the mail as the sun rises. Her life is her work, and her only companionship is her misfit colleagues — Sunny, …

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About Millie Holten

Millie Holten is an emerging screenwriter with a passion for grotty comedy. A 2019 VCA screenwriting graduate — in 2020, her work won the Script Pipeline First Look Project and was shortlisted for the Australian Writers’ Guild John Hinde Award.... View Millie Holten's Bio

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