Punt Dad

CJ Johnson


When Nina and Ben go live with their dad, life becomes more erratic, strange and exciting, because their dad's on the punt.


It is around 1990. Nina is 12, Ben is 15, and Kay, their mother, is in financial straits. They need to go live with their Dad for awhile. When they do, they discover that Dad’s profession means their life becomes more erratic, strange… and exciting. Because Paul, their 51 year …

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About CJ Johnson

CJ’s plays as writer include The Dog Logs, The Young Tycoons, Hollywood Ending, La La Land, Backpacker and Barnesy The Harbour and You. They have been performed in every state and territory of Australia, on Norfolk Island, and in New York,... View CJ Johnson's Bio

CJ Johnson, Punt Dad
CJ Johnson

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