Quick, Quick, Slow

Kelly Lefever


The late 80’s and the talented, broken, outrageous student teachers at Morning Star Studios are finding that dance is more than just a way of life, it’s a dream you can sell.


It’s the late 80’s, New Romantics are still in the rear view mirror, and Grunge is coming up around the bend. The Berlin Wall is soon to come down, the World Wide Web is yet to be invented, and dancing… well, it’s more than just a way of life, it’s …

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About Kelly Lefever

One of Australia’s most accomplished television writers, Kelly Lefever has written, script produced, script edited, story-lined, and story edited more than six-hundred hours of TV for every free-to-air network in the country. She is also a highly sought after script... View Kelly Lefever's Bio

Kelly Lefever, Quick, Quick, Slow
Kelly Lefever

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