Raising Thunder

Jesse Laurie

Short film
Comedy • Family

A young farm girl must raise an infant storm cloud and catch its lightning in a bottle to reignite her grieving father’s diminishing spark.


KAYLA is the nine year old embodiment of her mother: vibrant, optimistic, tenacious – she’s electric! Since her mother’s passing, a distance has developed between her father, WILLIAM, as a consequence of their approach to moving on; Kayla is acting out, whilst he retreats within. Learning her mother’s remaining items …

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About Jesse Laurie

After pivoting from a career as an elite athlete within the AFL system, Jesse has pursued the space of screenwriting; gaining a number of educational credentials, including a Masters from the WA Screen Academy (majoring in screenwriting) and a script... View Jesse Laurie's Bio

Jesse Laurie, Raising Thunder
Jesse Laurie

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