Red to Blue

Graeme Burfoot

Feature film

A love triangle endures through space and time as the last survivors of a dying humanity brave the hazardous journey to begin anew on a young planet: Earth.


Dr. JAC MEARS wants to save her family but to save them she needs to cross space and time to find them a new home. The world is dying. Jac has selflessly saved lives all her life. Now she has the chance to save the world. Jac is selected by …

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About Graeme Burfoot

Born in London, Graeme immigrated to Australia when he was nine. He finished schooling in Western Australia, attending Curtin University to study film, television and media design, graduating in 1982 with a BA in design with distinction. Graeme has been... View Graeme Burfoot's Bio

Graeme Burfoot, Red to Blue
Graeme Burfoot

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