Image Credit: David Benzal


Sarah Emery, Carl Firth

Feature film

When everyone around him mysteriously falls unconscious, Owen must save his estranged father from an invading force - a future generation who have come to remove us from earth


14-year-old Owen wakes up one morning to discover that his dad, Paul, is comatose: eyes open, breathing, but completely unresponsive. Owen tries calling for help, but no one answers. When he goes outside, he discovers crashed cars and bodies on the streets. Everyone’s been affected… everyone but him. However, Owen …

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About Sarah Emery

Sarah comes to the film industry after extensive experience working as a theatre-maker and community artist. She’s collaborated with juvenile justice centres, homeless services, regional communities, refugees and mental health organisations. Since moving into film and television, she’s worked as... View Sarah Emery's Bio

About Carl Firth

With an imagination that’s run wild all his life, Carl’s work embraces the macabre and the fantastic. His award-winning shorts The Witching Hour (2015) and The Immortal (2020) have screened at festivals including Sitges, Fantasia, Telluride Horror Show and Flickerfest,... View Carl Firth's Bio

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