Right & Wrong

Ian Simmons


When you want the real news, you want Right & Wrong, where the “facts” never get in the way of the truth.


Politicians who don’t know the basics of the Constitution, presidents tweeting hate, micro parties with major power, venal MPs throwing public tantrums, a democracy where winning is all that matters: this is the political landscape of the 21st century. And this dysfunctional system has spawned politics as infotainment, policy for …

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About Ian Simmons

Ian Simmons has been writing professionally for over 25 years. He’s been a head writer / script producer for Andrew Denton, Good News Week, The Glass House, The Sideshow and Wednesday Night Fever. Ian has worked for all five free-to-air... View Ian Simmons's Bio

Ian Simmons, Right & Wrong
Ian Simmons

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