Tony Radevski

Drama • Sci-Fi

In a city gripped by a unique street drug that causes your body to float, three strangers unravel a deadly mystery that could disrupt all of society.


Rize is a unique street drug that causes your body to float – the bigger the ‘hit’, the higher you soar, the harder you drop. The addictive escape is a return to a golden age in your mind, a past which replays with all the warmth and fervor of the …

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About Tony Radevski

Tony is an award-winning writer and director who works across drama, animation and documentary. He was selected for Berlinale Talents, an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival. His project, Risen, was also selected for development in the Berlinale Talents’... View Tony Radevski's Bio

Tony Radevski, RISEN
Tony Radevski

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