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Saint Cassandra

Zaity Salman


A living vampire ‘cured’ of her bloodthirst searches for her scientist father, fighting suspicion from an anti-vampire AFP agent and signs she's starting to crave human blood.


Twenty-five years ago, baby Cassandra was one of the first vampires given ‘The Cure’: A ground-breaking medication created by twin scientists IRIS and PAUL GREY, that erased vampire bloodlust. Assured that vampires were no longer a threat, human governments around the world allowed vampires into their societies. Did it matter …

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About Zaity Salman

Zaity Salman was selected to take part in First NSW and successfully completed the program in June 2022. Zaity is a screenwriter living and working on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media... View Zaity Salman's Bio

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