Kelly Lefever


After posting her suicide attempt online, and a stint in rehab, recovering social media addict G must face life without tech whilst discovering what pushed her over the edge.


#8byhalfhourreturnableseries #createdbykellylefever facebookinstagramtwitterimgrtumblrpintrestreddityoutube flickrhuffpostGuardiannprcnnnytimesfoxnewsnbcabcwashington postyahoogooglewikileaksmotherjonesthehillinfowarsdrudgewhats appmessengervibertinderbumbletoomuchstopnowcantthinkpleasestoppleasestoppleas   G considers herself a normal, kinda cool, pretty aware, 30 something woman, normal looking, with a normal job, normal friends, normal pastimes, normal dreams, normal relationship issues. She lives in a normal apartment in a normal city. She has a normal number of …

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About Kelly Lefever

One of Australia’s most accomplished television writers, Kelly Lefever has written, script produced, script edited, story-lined, and story edited more than six-hundred hours of TV for every free-to-air network in the country. She is also a highly sought after script... View Kelly Lefever's Bio

Kelly Lefever, Selfie
Kelly Lefever

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