David Williamson

Feature film

Katie, a writer, is derided by critic Danny. She engineers an affair between Danny’s wife Helen and his favourite male novelist. Things veer off course.


Katie a popular novelist is savagely derided on a regular basis by highbrow critic Danny. What better revenge than to engineer an affair between Danny’s wife Helen and his favourite literary novelist, Max Von Niekerk. Things don’t quite go to plan. Set in contemporary San Francisco, this movie skewers the …

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About David Williamson

David Williamson is amongst Australia’s most ground-breaking dramatists and screenwriters – known for topical satiric comedies that display his flair for naturalism and local vernacular. He explored the psychology of social interaction, focusing on the social and cultural attitudes of the Australian middle... View David Williamson's Bio

David Williamson, Soulmates
David Williamson

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