Family Trust

Jessica Brookman

Crime • Drama • Family

After surviving a violent attack, Neil Stephenson gifts control of his multimillion-dollar vitamin company to his three children - little do they know it’s a poisoned chalice.


An 8-part family drama by Jessica Brookman. High-flying and larger than life, Neil Stephenson’s world is turned upside down when he is attacked by a crazed, knife wielding man. Luckily his fast-acting son, Harry, overpowers the attacker before he can deliver the fatal blow. Neil’s family rush to his bedside …

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About Jessica Brookman

Melbourne based writer Jessica Brookman has been writing for Australian film and television for twenty years. A prolific writer with an illustrious résumé, she has written for the BAFTA and International Emmy Award-winning fantasy series Nowhere Boys. Other notable highlights... View Jessica Brookman's Bio

Jessica Brookman, Family Trust
Jessica Brookman

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