The Devil’s In The Details

Warwick Holt

Feature film

A faithless singer in an outback metal band summons Satan for fame, leaving her just 18 hours to get them to America for the ultimate gig: Armageddon.


Grace may be an outback preacher’s daughter, but she has definitely lapsed. She’s the singer in Togganoggera’s best (well, only) heavy metal band, Satanspawn. You could say they were going nowhere, if they weren’t already stuck there. Craving fame (or at least a little recognition), and with occultist guitarist Antony …

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About Warwick Holt

Warwick is a highly experienced, award-winning screenwriter, who has been writing for many of Australia’s top comedians and presenters. He created the black comedy web series Bruce (2016), the tale of Australia’s first convicts, with his long-time writing collaborator Mat... View Warwick Holt's Bio

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