The Mothers Group Murders

Natalie Williams, Krista Heath


After stumbling across a dead body at their Parents Group meeting, five unlikely friends and their eccentric group nurse band together to solve a murder.


When new mum Polly’s annoying house guest, Bee-Bee, is found slain outside her Parents Group she bonds with her classmates over the trauma (and as a spot of armchair investigating). Just as Polly starts to feel normal, her husband Matt is framed for the crime. Think Only Murders in the …

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About Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams is an aspiring screen writer who was recently short-listed for The Monte Miller Award for television series The Mothers Group Murders, which she co-wrote with Krista Heath. Friends for over a decade, they began collaborating on the series... View Natalie Williams's Bio

About Krista Heath

Krista Heath is a passionate storyteller, with a flair for creating female-led content. Her first script, co-written by writing partner Natalie Williams, The Mothers Group Murders has been short-listed for The Monte Miller Award. She is an aspiring show runner,... View Krista Heath's Bio

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