The Nightingale Syndrome

Michelle Offen, Trudy Hellier


There are some patients so dangerous no one’s willing to treat them. Those patients are sent to the Nightingale on Ward 43…


The Nightingale Syndrome – a medical drama injected with crime. In the hospital system there are patients, so dangerous, no one’s willing to treat them. Those patients are sent under armoured guard to ‘The Nightingale’, Dr SOPHIE MALLICK on Ward 43 – from dangerous inmates direct from correctional centres, to those …

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About Michelle Offen

Michelle is a television writer, story and script editor. She has had her work screened on all Australian television networks with credits across several genres including crime (Hyde and Seek, East West 101, Rush), mystery (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), animation... View Michelle Offen's Bio

About Trudy Hellier

Trudy worked extensively as an actor with regular roles in series such as Front Line and Around the Twist before studying screenwriting at RMIT.  She won an AFI for her first short film script Break and Enter with Oscar winning... View Trudy Hellier's Bio

Michelle Offen, The Nightingale Syndrome
Michelle Offen
Trudy Hellier, The Nightingale Syndrome
Trudy Hellier

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