The Witness

Chris Corbett

Feature film

When a hit on a witness in protective custody goes wrong, a Police Detective’s son is kidnapped, forcing her to go outside the law to get him back.


There’s the story, then there’s how it’s told… The Witness all takes place on one night. Detective Allison Walker finally steals one night away from work to catch up with Lucas – her estranged 9 year old son. But her phone rings. A witness who is about to testify against …

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About Chris Corbett

Chris Corbett has written over fifty hours of Australian television across a number of different genres. He has written police drama (Blue Heelers), undercover police drama (Stingers), legal drama (Newton’s Law), medical drama (All Saints), murder mystery (Miss Fisher’s Murder... View Chris Corbett's Bio

Chris Corbett, The Witness
Chris Corbett

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