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Transgender Warriors

Sam Elkin, Gemma Cafarella


The Australian experience of a global human rights movement.


We will create six one-hour podcast episodes to form a narrative non-fiction series about the development of the transgender rights movement in Australia from the mid-twentieth century to today. We will cover major movements, organisations and events. Transgender Warriors will start by looking at the social conservatism of Australia in …

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About Sam Elkin

Sam Elkin is a writer, independent radio producer and community lawyer living in Naarm/Melbourne. Sam is a transgender male and has done a lot of advocacy and creative storytelling work with this community. Sam has produced a number of radio... View Sam Elkin's Bio

About Gemma Cafarella

Gemma Cafarella is a human rights lawyer, community advocate and a podcaster from the Melbourne suburb of Footscray. Gemma has been a long-time host of the 3CR law show Done by Law, and the co-host of radio show Transgender Warriors... View Gemma Cafarella's Bio

Sam Elkin, Transgender Warriors
Sam Elkin
Gemma Cafarella, Transgender Warriors
Gemma Cafarella

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