Maggie Gale

Comedy • Fantasy • Sci-Fi

A blind teenager sets out to find her father after he goes missing in an opal mining accident, but she's not the only one at home in the dark.


The Thing meets The Blob. Velvet is a six-part fantasy/horror/comedy audio play following Rowan, a blind sixteen-year-old. After her mother’s death, Rowan and her guide dog Rabbit are forced to move to the underground town of Coober Pedy to live with her father. Now she has to convince a whole …

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About Maggie Gale

Maggie Gale is a third year Bachelor of Fine Arts Creative Writing student at QUT. After high school, she studied acting at the New York Film Academy (Gold Coast) where she developed a love for screen and playwriting. It was... View Maggie Gale's Bio

Maggie Gale, Velvet
Maggie Gale

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