Alex Vickery-Howe

Feature film
Drama • Dramedy

A young man falls in love with an ecoterrorist and teams up with her to save the world.


SPECIAL OFFICER NORMAN GOULD reports to the Outsight Committee –– an undisclosed arm of the government –– from a detention block that nobody ever talks about. It is old tech, strictly off-grid, as the Committee is not an officially recognised government department. They are the last of the Cold War …

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About Alex Vickery-Howe

Dr Alex Vickery-Howe is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter. In 2008 he made his writing debut with a bilingual, bicultural horror rock musical in Okinawa, Japan, where it opened the Kijimuna Festival (now Ricca Ricca Festival) and played to rave... View Alex Vickery-Howe's Bio

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