Ian Simmons


Welcome to the radio station of misfit toys, home to staff too dangerous, dysfunctional or just plain dumb to get a job somewhere better.


In 35 years on the air, through a plethora of name changes, formats and announcers, XFM has never been number one, in any shift. Its best people have been poached, its worst have gone to prison, died at the microphone or still work there. The station began in the 80s …

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About Ian Simmons

Ian Simmons has been writing professionally for over 25 years. He’s been a head writer / script producer for Andrew Denton, Good News Week, The Glass House, The Sideshow and Wednesday Night Fever. Ian has worked for all five free-to-air... View Ian Simmons's Bio

Ian Simmons, XFM
Ian Simmons

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