You Can Survive a Rip Current

Stephanie Westwood


Toby has been seeing flashes of a tragedy befalling a stranger in their dreams – and must figure out how to stop it, before it is too late.


In 2017, several days before New Year’s Eve, Toby is having nightmares. Nightmares about drowning, and about a teenage girl. While fretting over what they mean, Toby also has to navigate living in a queer share house, their family, their friends, and the aftermath of Christmas and the postal vote …

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About Stephanie Westwood

Stephanie is a Naarm-based writer and producer who has worked across games, shorts, features, and television. She is passionate about using genre to explore stories about both dysfunctional and found families, and loves enabling others to do the same. She... View Stephanie Westwood's Bio

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