Success stories

The Australian Writers’ Guild’s Pathways initiative has enjoyed great success since its inception in 2010

Success stories

In 2017 the program was re-launched with the exciting new Pathways Prime and Showcase portal. Since then over 30 projects from Pathways Showcase have been optioned. More than 30 projects and Pathways Showcase writers have received Scripted Ink funding for script development.

Projects that have been optioned include:

  • Three Crooked Kings by Justin Monjo (now in development)
  • Mrs Burswood by Arky Michael and Kym Vercoe (now in development)
  • Lucid by Philip Tarl Denison (now in production)
  • Minding Gavin by Robyn Winslow (now in development)
  • One Year Later by Christian White (now in development)
  • Lost in the Dark by Christopher W. Bailey
  • Mish Mash by Elizabeth Dias and Russell Bywater
  • Croak by Shane Brady (now in development)
  • The Princess and the Bear by Gina Lambropoulos (now in development)
  • Mayfield by Gemma Crofts (now in development)
  • Sleepwalker by Matt Wheeldon (now in development)
  • Tigress by Jane Hampson (now in development)
  • Another Time by Heather Wilson
  • Bayou by Becca Johnstone
  • Keeping House by Jasper Garner Gore and Rebecca Moret
  • Anomaly by Philip Tarl Denson (now in development)
  • The Replacements by Jessica Paine
  • Helena by Katherine Thomson (now in development)
  • Oh Happy Day by Alice Foulcher and Gregory Erdstein
  • Sleep to Dream by Nicholas Verso
  • The Boy Who Cried Dinosaur by Chris Kunz
  • Private Universe by Brendan Luno
  • Umbra by Simon Proud
  • Dear Evelyn by Steve Abbott and Warren Coleman (now in development)
  • Blueback by Robert Connolly (now in development)
  • Hoop by Catherine Prosser and Paul Bissett (now in development)
  • Salsa Masala by Mithila Gupta (now in development)
  • Shining Light by Matt Ford (now in development)
  • Underworld by Peter Gawler (now in development)
  • Petrova by Bec Peniston-Bird (now in development)
  • The Stag by Drew Macdonald (now in development)
  • Going Vego by Christopher Burke (now in development)
  • CatGod by Chris Phillip (now in development)
  • Awake by C. S. McMullen (now in development)
  • Dog Box by Rebecca Ingram (now in development)
  • Friend Mode by Tim Spencer
  • The Paradise Syndrome by Michael Kratochvil

Projects that have received Scripted Ink* development funding include:

  • Three Crooked Kings by Justin Monjo
  • Mrs Burswood by Arky Michael and Kym Vercoe
  • Helena by Katherine Thomson
  • God’s 17 by Neer Shelter and Tai Schrivener
  • Meridian by Ryan Van Dijk and Alexei Mizin
  • Private Universe by Brendan Luno
  • The Recogniser by Chris Aronsten
  • Small Town by Ella Rory and Lachlan Marks
  • Vestal Virgins by Ellie Beaumont
  • Dear Evelyn by Warren Coleman and Steve Abbott
  • The Peacemaker by Max Walker
  • CatGod by Chris Phillips
  • Martingale by Harry Aletras
  • Black Creek by Eloise Healey and Jessica Brookman
  • Evergreen by Jacklyn Bassanelli
  • Race with the Devil by Adam Spellicy
  • Tigress by Jane Hampson
  • Shining Light by Matt Ford
  • Another Time by Heather Wilson
  • Awake by C.S. McMullen
  • The Creeps by Ian Simmons
  • Oblong Days by John Alsop
  • Stranded by Judi McCrossin
  • Underworld by Peter Gawler
  • Traces of Nuts by Kristen Dunphy and Michelle Offen
  • Exit This Way by Cathy Strickland
  • The Surgeon’s Knife by Matt Ford
  • Preconception by Jacklyn Bassanelli
  • EX-U by Sam Meikle and Chris Smyth
  • Friend Mode by Tim Spencer
  • House Vitali by Jacklyn Bassanelli
  • Just Another Week in Suburbia by Peter Mattessi
  • Private Lies by Jacklyn Bassanelli
  • Salsa Masala by Mithila Gupta
  • Sleep to Dream by Nicholas Verso
  • The Last Crop by Tavis Urquhart
  • The Last Passenger by Matt Ford
  • Put Your Hands Up! by Drew Proffitt
  • Perspectives by Neer Shelter
  • Damien by Bradley Slabe
  • Jane by Kym Goldsworthy
  • The Other Lamb by C.S. McMullen

 * Please note Scripted Ink board members and Scripted Ink staff are not eligible for Scripted Ink funding.*

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