Abhishek Gurjar

Abhishek Gurjar was selected to take part in First Break NSW and graduated from the program in June 2022.

Abhishek is a Sydney based Indian-Australian screenwriter who is passionate about sharing his comical and macabre stories with the world.

A studious and self-confessed geek, Abhishek’s life trajectory took a turn when he decided to participate in a stand-up comedy competition whilst completing his university degree in Economics at the University of Sydney. Abhishek continues to be an active member of the Australian Writers Guild since 2017 and was selected as a writer of the first Australian Diversity Pathways Showcase in which he scripted the ensemble comedy piece.

Abhishek has recently received his first writing credit for a sci-fi horror series 3:46pm currently in post-production and is currently scripting a sci-fi anthology series iAustralia mixing important events in Australian history with a touch of technological anachronism.

In his spare time Abhishek enjoys badminton, cooking and watching documentaries.

Abhishek Gurjar, Abhishek Gurjar
Abhishek Gurjar


First Break NSW Graduate


  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Sci-fi

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