Catherine Prosser

Catherine comes from the often surreal world of live theatre and has worked with many writers and directors in creating and developing original works.

As one half of the writing partnership that is Magenius, she has been commissioned to write plays (“7 Great Inventions of the Industrial Age” for Sally Greenaway in 2016 and “Da Vinci’s Apprentice” for Musica Viva in 2018) as well as a children’s podcast, animated TV series for 6—9 year olds and a teen comedy feature film, all slated for production in 2019.

She recently discovered one of her first literary efforts, a 7,000 word effort at age 10, which can only be described as ‘Enid Blyton meets Arthur C Clarke’. She promises to use fewer adjectives from now on.

She’s now devoting all her energies to full-time writing and collaboration.  Current projects include ‘The Last Days of Oliver Young’, a feature focusing on the brave new world of retirement, and ‘Poems from Parenthood’, a collection of humorous verse.

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Catherine Prosser, Catherine Prosser
Catherine Prosser

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